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What are the odds in Indonesia? Formula for calculating wins and losses

If you're a betting enthusiast, you've probably heard of Indonesian odds. This is an incredibly enticing form of betting with high reward ratios. However, to win, you need to know what the Indonesian odds are and the most accurate formula for calculating wins and losses. Win tips will provide you with the answers in the following article.

What are Indonesian odds?

What are Indonesian odds? This is the question gamers are seeking answers to. This type of odds is a combination of Hong Kong odds and Malaysia odds. Indonesian odds differ from other betting odds in terms of payout results and display format. Gamers will determine the positive or negative aspect and compare it with a base unit.

The difference in Indonesian odds is based on a 1.00 betting unit. So when gamers win, they will receive a large sum of money. For Indonesian odds, if it's a tie, it's recorded as 1.00. This means you will profit 1 unit for every unit wagered.

Summary of Indonesian odds characteristics

After knowing what Indonesian odds are, let's identify their characteristics. At this point, you'll see two basic investment forms: negative odds and positive odds. For a 1.00 unit, a tie means the payout will be 1.00.

If you choose positive odds (underdog team), you'll receive more than the amount wagered.

In the case of negative odds (favorite team), you'll receive less than the amount wagered.

Formula for calculating wins and losses of Indonesian odds

What is the formula for calculating Indonesian odds? This is what many players are concerned about. Let's refer to the calculation formula for Indonesian odds as follows:

How to calculate positive Indonesian odds (+)?

Currently, many online football bettors favor Indonesian odds because of their high winning rates. When you want to calculate positive odds, apply the following formula:

Initial investment amount multiplied by odds on the betting board = Amount you'll receive.

How to calculate negative Indonesian odds (-)?

Unlike positive Indonesian odds, negative odds have a high winning probability but the amount received won't be as high as positive Indonesian odds. This method is suitable for patient gamers. Calculate negative odds with the following formula:

Amount you invest / Odds = Winnings you'll receive.

Effective Indonesian odds closing strategy

After understanding what Indonesian odds are, accumulate and apply the following strategies:

Be confident in legal bookmaker on Indonesian odds

If you understand Indonesian odds, you'll know the risk of losing is significant. Therefore, when deciding to invest, research thoroughly to minimize risks. This is why this betting style isn't suitable for lazy or impulsive gamers. Players need to be confident and analyze carefully before proceeding. Thoroughly researching information before the match will increase your winning chances. Also, learn to quickly assess odds for big wins.

Choose larger Indonesian odds to close bets. This will give you an advantage when investing in multiple bets. In case you're playing running bets, choose odds with a payout ratio greater than 1 unit. If you win one bet and lose one, you won't make a profit.

Stay alert when analyzing odds

Indonesian odds offer relatively low winning rates for players. However, when players know how to adjust and choose the right strategy, they increase their chances of winning. Players should not be misled by numbers. Trust yourself and study statistical data. From there, you'll make highly effective betting decisions.

Therefore, not all Indonesian odds are low when winning. Odds ranging from 0.8 to 0.9 offer significant winning rates. Therefore, calculate your investments wisely. Additionally, players need stable mentality, alertness, and calmness.


After reading this article, you now know what Indonesian odds are, as well as the formula for calculating them and effective betting strategies. To increase your chances of winning big, players need to accumulate more knowledge in analyzing odds. Bet with appropriate odds and maintain a calm and alert mindset. Additionally, don't forget that Wintips always provides players with high-quality matches.

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