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What is an Asian handicap bet? Explain the draw handicap bet to me

What is an Asian handicap bet? What should be noted when playing Asian handicap bets? Let's explore these important pieces of information in the article below.

If punters overlook this type of bet to enrich their collection of games, it's indeed a significant omission.

This is one of the bets where bookmakers often make inaccurate best football prediction app, and those who are discerning can make significant profits.

What is an Asian handicap bet?

The Asian handicap bet, also known as the draw bet or 0 handicap bet, is one of the most commonly used types of soccer bets today. This type of odds is present in matches where the strength of the two teams is not significantly different or balanced in terms of various statistics.

Due to these characteristics, this type of bet only appears in matches between two major teams or in the finals of major football tournaments worldwide such as the World Cup, Champions League, Euro, or matches that attract a lot of attention from viewers.

In addition to the term "Asian handicap bet," you should also be familiar with the half-goal Asian handicap bet. This is a bet similar to the Asian handicap bet, but it does not involve a situation where the bet is refunded.

When do bookmakers offer an Asian handicap bet?

If you already know what an Asian handicap bet is, you should also understand when bookmakers offer this type of bet in order to seize the opportunity to best home teams to win today. Here are the scenarios in which bookmakers offer odds:

Scenario 1: When the favored team scores a goal, at this point, players betting on the favored team will win. And those betting on the underdog team will lose.

Scenario 2: When the two teams draw, with no goals scored, players' bets will be refunded.

Scenario 3: When the favored team and the underdog team have a score difference of one goal or more, the favored team loses.

How to read an Asian handicap bet?

Reading the Asian handicap bet is much simpler compared to other types of betting. With this 0 handicap bet, you only need to rely on the match result to determine the outcome of the bet. Specifically:

If Germany wins and you choose Germany, you win the bet, but if you choose France, you lose the bet.

If Germany loses and you choose France, you win, but if you choose Germany, you lose.

If Germany and France draw, the bookmaker refunds the bet.

The reading method is similar to other handicap bets such as 1 draw, 2 draw,... N draw.

If Germany wins by a margin of (n+1) goals or more and you choose France, you lose, but if you choose Germany, you win the bet.

If Germany wins by a margin of less than n goals, if you choose France, you win the bet, but if you choose Germany, you lose the bet.

If Germany and France have no goal difference, the bookmaker refunds the bet.

How to calculate winnings from an Asian handicap bet?

Calculating the winnings for an Asian handicap soccer bet is quite simple:

When the result is a draw: Players who bet on either of the two teams will have their bets refunded with the amount they initially placed.

When one of the teams wins: Players who bet on the correct winning team will receive their winnings (equal to the amount of their bet multiplied by the odds of the bet). Players who bet incorrectly will lose the amount they placed on the bet.

Tips for making profitable Asian handicap bets

Although you understand what the Asian handicap bet is, to earn money when playing this type of bet, you need to gain experience and learn some win bet tips from other players to be able to bet on the winning team.

Understand the rules of Asian handicap betting first. To play Asian handicap betting, you must understand the essence of the term "Asian handicap," how to read and play this bet at different bookmakers. Although the essence of this bet is simply to bet on which team will win or lose in the match.

However, it's crucial to know how to choose the appropriate betting option along with clever soccer betting strategies to win.

Avoid placing bets too early. A effective way to play Asian handicap bets is to avoid placing bets too early when the bookmakers release the odds. This is a tip shared by most expert bettors and seasoned gamblers.

Instead, take the time to analyze the betting options and update the relevant information about the match and the teams before placing your bet.

Besides avoiding placing bets too early, you should also avoid betting too late as the odds from the bookmakers may no longer be favorable by then. It's best to play Asian handicap bets a few hours before kick-off.

Observe the playing style of the team you're betting on. In addition to understanding home/away matches or the form of play of the teams.

When betting on Asian handicap soccer, you should also observe and study the playing style of the team you're betting on. Does that team tend to play attacking, counter-attacking, or defensive football?

Furthermore, pay attention to which team has a better offense or defense, how the starting lineup looks like to make the most accurate predictions.

Choose reputable bookmakers. Another tip for playing Asian handicap bets that I want to share with you is to choose reputable bookmakers when participating in betting. Because there are many bookmakers on the market nowadays, but not all of them are transparent and guarantee the best service for players.

Some other tips

In addition to the free hot football tips mentioned above, you also need to consider the following issues to increase your chances of winning bets:

Most Asian handicap bets rarely end in a draw. Therefore, if possible, you should also consider placing a half-time Asian handicap bet if the first half of the match ends in a draw.

When playing Asian handicap bets, you should also use strategies like doubling up or betting in sequences. Along with that, you should also have a very good bankroll management strategy.

Avoid choosing based on emotions just because you favor a particular team.

Refer to more reputable betting forums to choose the team to bet on.


Understanding the essence of the Asian handicap bet will make it much safer to place bets and make predictions.

Although betting is a form of entertainment and satisfies the passion of football fans.

However, this form of entertainment also carries a high level of risk. Therefore, when participating in Asian handicap betting, you should prepare knowledge, skills, and finances before playing. See more: The top 10 which website is 100% accurate for football predictions today?


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